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Hazardous Materials: What You Need to Know

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

What to do After a Hazardous Materials Incident

The following are guidelines for the period following a hazardous materials incident: • Return home only when authorities say it is safe. Open windows and vents and turn on fans to provide ventilation.

• Act quickly if you have come in to contact with or have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Do the following:

- Follow decontamination instructions from local authorities. You may be advised to take a thorough shower, or you may be advised to stay away from water and follow another procedure.

- Seek medical treatment for unusual symptoms as soon as possible.

- Place exposed clothing and shoes in tightly sealed containers. Do not allow them to contact other materials. Call local authorities to find out about proper disposal.

- Advise everyone who comes in to contact with you that you may have been exposed to a toxic substance.

• Find out from local authorities how to clean up your land and property.

• Report any lingering vapors or other hazards to your local emergency services office.

Additional steps you should take after a hazardous materials incident