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Firefighter Inspired Art


Scott Boulton – Firefighter and Artist


My passion is saving lives and property, and this I have sworn to do. Battling against inconceivable odds, I call upon my brothers to guard my back, knowing they would never leave me behind -nor I them.

Pulling hose and wielding axes we forge ahead, fighting valiantly to tame the Red Devil, knowing that he will emerge again, stronger and wiser. We’ll be ready… “Lets Dance”.

- Scott Boulton

Forever In Our Memory

In the wake of the September 11 World Trade Center tragedy, Scott completed “Forever In Our Memory,” an everlasting memorial to the firefighters and their families of FDNY.

Special Edition lithographs will be dedicated to each fire department of FDNY. Your proceeds will make this happen.

- Scott Boulton


When a brother pays the ultimate sacrifice, thousands grieve as one. We honor this brother, standing in rows of dress blues, all united, finding comfort and assurance in knowing that this brother died pursuing his quest – saving the lives of others. We draw strength from his example and know that our brother has not died in vain.

We continue to follow in his footsteps; we who are so uniquely bonded together. Our brother will be welcomed into the eternal brotherhood of firefighters with open arms and a…"Welcome Home”.

- Scott Boulton


The brass is polished; all apparatus lined up in a row, waiting for the bell to toll. A call for help… we don our uniforms with pride. Our way is cleared with lights and sirens, bystanders watching as they pull aside.

We fight valiantly; we might not have another chance. This is what we live for… helping a stranger survive.

- Scott Boulton


Just as losing, not winning, builds character, and actions, not words, gain respect. So honesty, not falsehood, earns trust, unselfishness, not greed or neglect.

When humility and love come together, serve your sisters and brothers with pride. Get on your horse with courage, and angels at your side. If one child learns that sacrifice, perseverance and loyalty are gold.

One day a new hero emerges, and a brave, new dawn unfolds.

- Scott Boulton

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