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Firefighter Inspired Art


Scott Boulton – Firefighter and Artist

Courage   The Fire Service

Courage – In the face of danger we stand steadfast in our determination to overcome opposition. We look for wisdom from those who have gone before us – asking for strength to exert our mind and body beyond human comprehension. We may fail, but we will never give up…for one life might be saved.

The Fire Service – We don our uniforms with pride, humbled at the opportunity to serve our fellow man. We stand in awe at the responsibility given to us, battling together as a team whose character and selfless acts of courage are unmatched. Brotherhood and camaraderie run deep within our blood with centuries of ideals which have been handed down from our forefathers. We triumph in victory and cry together in despair, always standing together and becoming stronger as we follow these traditions and develop new ones for future generations. Our legacy is… “Love the Job”.


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