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Firefighter Inspired Art


Julie Weeks – Photography

"This is my absolute favorite. This photo I took while the Rattlesnake Fire & Rescue team had a water shuttle training.

It was a cold, snowy day and one of the conditionals asked if he could try out the nozzle. This picture shows them playing around with the hose after the training session ended."

- Julie Woods

“I was inspired to take this photo because it was obvious on the scene that everyone was responsible for their job to get this person out as quickly as possible.

It always amazes me that everyone picks knows their role, is responsible for their job and they do their very best every time. Airlife was present while the firefighters were still working on getting the victum untangled from the truck.

The best part of this shoot, was that the outcome was a good one.”

- Julie Woods

“This was an mass-casuality incident (MCI) training that we hosted with another Fire Department. The scenario was a plane crash with cars involved. We had over 25 patients with many medical needs. There were children and families of our firefighters, and EMTs that were our victums.

The inspiration for this shot was the families. We had young patients as well as older patients that made this training possible. The visual survey gives you an initial impression of the overall situation, including the potential number of patients involved, and possibly, the severity of their injuries.”

- Julie Woods

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