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  • Firefighter-id_max84w
    ID Cards by ID Answers by ID Answers in Turnout & Duty Gear
    Posted scottcvek on Wed, 14 Jul 2010 17:41:13 UTC
    Last Review: "This product deserves this rating due to the need to provide a professional looking accountability card that is affordable to every department."
  • Glasmaster_max84w
    Glasmaster by Made in Solingen in Turnout & Duty Gear
    Posted senate on Tue, 21 Dec 2010 11:46:49 UTC
    Last Review: "Very Helpfull Tool, but also expensive."
  • Box
    The Fire Store by On-line and catalog personal equipment in Turnout & Duty Gear
    Posted captain50 on Tue, 08 Mar 2011 19:49:18 UTC
    Last Review: "I was told the boots were coming to me from the maker, now, a week and a half later they are in a warehouse and still not being shipped. I'm only g..."
  • 440_kit_small_max84w
    MaxFlow Air Filter by Equi-Tee Manufacturing in Turnout & Duty Gear
    Posted EquiTeeMfg on Mon, 09 Jan 2012 20:07:19 UTC
    Last Review: "This MaxFlow filter has been field proven for many years. The kits include two elements, a brush cover and a high flow cage. The foam is washable..."
  • Vantage-2011_logoed_full_1__max84w
    vantage streamlight by Vantage in Turnout & Duty Gear
    Posted FireGuy462 on Fri, 13 Jan 2012 20:10:55 UTC
    Last Review: "I bought this helmet mount light when I first joined the department, I have been using it for over 4 years now and have not had to replace the batt..."