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Top Load Pack

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Category: Turnout & Duty Gear
Subcategory: Storage
Price: $137.50
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This pack can be worn as a whole or detach the top portion with six quick release buckles and wear only your harness. This pack includes: drawstring closure at top top flap pouch two fusee pouches with drawstrings zippered accessory pouch on top zippered accessory pouch below fire shelter sied opening fire shelter pouch (also available with left handed opening) internal pouch for compartmentalization or water pouch two canteen pouches padded shoulder straps and waist belt space on waist belt and shoulder straps for accessory pouches fire shelter pouch is made to hold the current fire shelter or, by removing the foam spacer, this pouch will accommodate the new fire shelter 2100 cubic inches

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    Neilwheel, Tue, 07 Aug 2012 03:50:45 UTC.
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    This is a pretty decent pack for the price. It can carry a decent amount of food, fusees, linebooks, and small equipment. However, it does not fit a 100oz Camelback case at all. It will only fit the water bladder, and that will still take up a good amount of space in the pack. There is no place to fit the hose on the shoulder straps The waist straps are a little on the small side as well. But it does an adequate job.

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