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Scarlett Saves her Family

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Hero mom cat runs in & out of fire to rescue 5 kittens. Inspiring as hell.

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    Gwyd, Tue, 14 Jul 2009 22:23:26 UTC.
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    Some of you don't like rescuing cats. This is about a 1996 roaring warehouse fire in New York, which was structurally unstable enough that FDNY said not to go inside, even to rescue the crackheads and winos that used it as a base. Scarlett got so burned up making 5 trips to get her kittens out that they didn't know if she'd make it. She did, and it's a short enough book that anyone can get through it. I'll post some photos of her on a new album. David Gianelli, the FF who helped, is an honorary saint in my pantheon. Good read. The cat was as good a smoke-eater as any 6'1" macho man I've ever seen. There's a kid's book about it too, if you have kids, by Laura Driscoll, called The Bravest Cat!

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