Gear: Relm Hand Held Portable RPV599A PLUS


Relm Hand Held Portable RPV599A PLUS

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RELM RPV599A Plus Field Programmable Two Way Portable 148-174 MHz Includes Alphanumeric Display The RELM RPV599A PLUS high band two way portable operates in the 148-174 MHz frequency range. Standard features include two-tone sequential decode, sixteen digit automatic number identification (ANI), DTMF encode/decode and field programmable keyboard programming. The included wireless cloning feature allows the copying of information from one RPV599A PLUS to another, or to several at once, without the need for external equipment. Other built in features of the RPV599A PLUS include priority, home channel and talkback scanning operation, CTCSS/DCS, busy channel lockout, 99 programmable channels included, alphanumeric display, and transmit timeout

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    Ravenfirefighter, Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:08:58 UTC.
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    All RELM portable radios provide robust features, advanced functions, and practical advantages for users in the field:

    Easy to hear, easy to use - small and lightweight, tough and rugged, meets rigid MIL-STD 810 specs

    CDCSS/CTCSS functions tune out interfering calls and let you hear your group only

    Built-in 2-tone decoder and encoder so you can choose either individual or group call signaling and operation

    Multiple scan functions include priority channel and talkback scanning and deleting nuisance channels

    Flex-Mode per-channel narrowband/wideband channel spacing

    Busy channel lockout to avoid interring with other us

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    sandy2501, Fri, 07 Aug 2009 14:58:48 UTC.


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