Gear: Thielsen raido harness


Thielsen raido harness

Thielsen-P.O. Box 423 Jacksonville, OR 97530-0423 Phone: 866-888-1444 Fax: 541-899-2237
Category: Turnout & Duty Gear
Subcategory: Accessories
Price: 110.00
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The RG-110 was designed to put all of your communication needs close at hand. The small platform (11" x 17") puts these features to work for you: * An adjustable harneses that will hold a radio or satellite phone. Harness is offset for unobstructed TX key usage * PDA pocket closes to protect your PDA * Self-adjusting pocket that can accommodate a cell phone, GPS or disposable camera * Battery pocket for a large King-style clam shell * Weather Meter Pocket * The pen holder allows easy access to your writing instrument * The back pocket has either right or left entry and can hold note books or maps * Relective tape to increase user visibility

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