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ISG Thermal Systems USA, Inc
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About ISG ISG Thermal Systems is the world leader in thermal imagers for the highly specialized field of firefighting with thousands of imagers installed in fire, police and naval departments in over 75 countries worldwide. ISG is headquartered in the United Kingdom, in the suburban London area of Basildon, Essex, UK, in proximity with other high-tech electronics developers. The Basildon Engineering Center is the heart of ISG's developmental programs, as well as being the manufacturing center for most of Europe and Asia. In the USA, complementary research and development efforts operate out of our Atlanta, Georgia Technical Center. Additionally, the Atlanta facility is responsible for manufacturing and service work for the United States and the North American market. ISG Thermal Systems is a privately held organization incorporated in the UK and the USA. “Revolutionised Firefighter Safety” ISG Thermal Systems designs and manufactures thermal imagers for firefighting. Building on state-of-the-art solid-state infrared sensor technology, we provide the tools to revolutionise the firefighter’s effectiveness in search and rescue and to improve safety in extreme conditions. Our in-house scientists have been innovating essential safety features continually for almost two decades, enhancing the capability of our products and maintaining ISG’s reputation as the world leader in providing superior performance thermal imagers for firefighting. ISG thermal imagers are renowned for image clarity, powerful performance and simplistic user functionality, combining these characteristics to achieve groundbreaking improvements in firefighter safety Commitment and Competence ISG Thermal Systems specialises exclusively in thermal imaging for firefighting, search and rescue applications. Unlike all other manufacturers of Thermal Imagers for firefighting, ISG designs, develops and manufactures the entire product in its modern facilities in the UK and America. Our design team are specialists in the high-level integration of infrared imaging technology. Our core competence is the design and development of infrared camera engine electronics, integration of RF video transmission and user-interface ergonomics. ISG’s extensive investment in sophisticated 3D Computer Aided Design tools and comprehensive firmware and software engineering platforms ensures that ISG products remain at the forefront of technology. Our extensive experience in the field, together with our focus, commitment and competence, means you can be assured that ISG delivers superior performance thermal imagers for best-informed decision making to enhance the safety of your team.

Member Reviews

  • Picture_029_max30
    erichcb, Tue, 20 Jan 2009 07:41:49 UTC.
    1st review

    This is the best out there it puts the scott,MSA,bullard cameras to shame.......nothing but great things to say about this item

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  • Dsc_0367_max30
    bigassfireman, Mon, 09 Feb 2009 20:13:59 UTC.

    It's ok, not my favorite to use.

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  • Structure_fire__11863_222nd_st__reno_twp__8-11-08--18_250x187_max30
    mcg62798, Mon, 25 May 2009 02:33:32 UTC.

    Not bad could use some changes.

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  • Dscn0165_max30
    babydocs1016, Thu, 16 Jul 2009 05:32:52 UTC.

    I have been using ISG Therml Imagers for the last four years while in the Navy and I loved it.

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  • Fire_training_on_hall_ave
    Stephane, Fri, 19 Mar 2010 15:58:02 UTC.

    ISG STINKS!!!!!! We purchased one back in 2003 and it had to go in for repairs in 2006. FAILED DURING A FIRE. it took 6 months for their service dept to get our tic back to us. They didnt tell us what happened to the tic. a few years later in early 2009 it crapped out again at another fire. I took the camera to my employers biomed department and found that the guts of the tic was all corroded. the tech did a shoddy job that put my people at risk. soldering was crappy, they re sealed the camera with regular silicone. and globbed it all over the internals of the camera. the circut boards were all corroded. along with many other parts of the tic. what a wast of money. this camera cost our department over 20,000.00 of our taxpayers money. will never purchase ANYTHING FROM ISG AGAIN!!!

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