Gear: Yates Technical Rescue Full Body Harness


Yates Technical Rescue Full Body Harness

Category: Rescue Equipment
Subcategory: Harnesses
Price: $275- $325
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Designed for use in technical and confined space rescue. 5 inch waist pad provides extreme comfort with maximum adjustment to fit various sized rescuers. Waist utilizes double locking quick connect snap hook and locking D ring adjustment system. Wrap around, side entry feature eliminates the need to step through waist or leg loops. Chest harness is easily adjusted by anti-slip buckles. Attachment points at waist, chest (sternum), back (lumbar), back (dorsal) and shoulders. These attachment points create great versatility in use.

Member Reviews

  • Picture_015_max30
    ArcticFF, Thu, 08 Jan 2009 21:18:40 UTC.
    1st review

    My department uses the Yates technical rescue full body harness and it is in my opinion the best harness I’ve ever used. The harness has plenty of padding for comfort in long hang time situations for any attachment point. The color coded buckles makes putting the harness on a snap even for people not familiar with the harness. With attachment point all over this harness it can be used for any type of rescue situation, ie. High angle, low angle, rigger, or confined space. The harness has an average price of around $300 dollars so it is not one of the cheaper harnesses but if you were to look at other harnesses with the same amount of attachment points you will be looking in the $400 dollars range so the Yates technical rescue full body harness is a good buy.

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  • Picture_8_max30
    Interior_attack340, Tue, 24 Nov 2009 19:20:01 UTC.

    never used a full harness but i'd use this one.

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