Gear: Cairns Reaxtion Turnout Gear


Cairns Reaxtion Turnout Gear

Category: Turnout & Duty Gear
Subcategory: Coats / Pants
Price: $1,800-2,100
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When called into action, you want to fight fires – not your gear. That's why we invented Cairns REAXTION™. Action-packed with advanced features to provide more mobility where your body bends and twists, REAXTION™ gives you the freedom to act when you need to move. The AXTION™ Knee and Seat provide added length and fullness for better flexibility in stepping up, sitting down, kneeling or crawling. More length is also added under the AXTION™ Sleeve where it is needed for reaching. And, the COLLARBREAK™ Attachment System is the world's only collar that is sewn directly to the liner and attaches to the shell on the outside, leaving nothing stiff or bulky to irritate the neck. Engineered to the same innovative standards as all Cairns gear, REAXTION™ is built tougher to last longer. Because when it comes to fighting fires, every action requires Cairns REAXTION™.

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