Gear: Bouton NFPA Structural Firefighting Goggle w/Helmet Attachment


Bouton NFPA Structural Firefighting Goggle w/Helmet Attachment

HL Bouton Inc.
Category: Turnout & Duty Gear
Subcategory: Goggles
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Bouton's 400 Goggle is exactly what's needed in situations of extreme temperatures. Flying particles, debris, smoke, and fluids are no longer obstacles. With this NFPA compliant goggle, firefighters can gain extreme comfort, protection and increased visibility. This structural goggle is NFPA 1971-2000 Compliant. It passes the NFPA 500 degree Fahrenheit 5 minute heat test and has a .075" ballistic grade lens which protects against impact. The optically correct lens has an anti-fog coating on both sides to ensure visibility and a longer life. The non-vented design protects against gases, smoke, fluids, flying particles and debris. High temperature material will not melt or retain flame. These goggles are easy to put on and off with no adjustments due to high elasticity. They attach above the brim of the helmet for comfort and ease of use, strap snags and clasp for "D" ring attachment are supplied to keep goggles secured to your helmet. The strap passes through both the goggle and the lens for a more secure attachment. This goggle is lens-injection molded from optical grade impact resistant poly carbonate.