Gear: MOV DS Stair Chair


MOV DS Stair Chair

Paramed Systems
Category: Turnout & Duty Gear
Subcategory: EMS Gear
Price: $2K-2.5K
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The MÖV DS is a descent only stair chair that is ergonomically designed for safe and efficient transport of non-ambulatory, disabled or wounded individuals down stairs during a care facility or multi-floor building evacuation. The MÖV DS chair is lightweight and eliminates the need to lift or carry even bariatric patients. With minimal training required, the color coded action knobs and levers make the MÖV DS intuitive and easy to operate.

Member Reviews

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    lharris, Fri, 25 Jul 2008 20:11:10 UTC.
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    The MOV DS evacuation chair is a durable and reliable solution. It is light weight and easy to use eliminating the need to lift the non-ambulatory patient. I highly recommend this product.

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    dranged16, Fri, 25 Jul 2008 20:32:29 UTC.

    There are a number of reasons why this stair chair is better than others in the industry. First, is that the seat unlike Stryker™ and Ferno™ infinitely adjusts ; so you can treat any typer of injury. Other chairs are in a fixed position. It carries 500lbs and has disposable seats. We love it !

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