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Cairns Helmet - 1010 • Leather Cushion Liner • Flannel Crown Pad • PBI/Kevlar Earlap • 6” Carved Brass Eagle Front Holder • 4” PA Tuffshield

Member Reviews

  • L_b9f05dfaefdd34389659997ad636f7c2_max30
    firejoe9, Wed, 21 May 2008 16:27:16 UTC.
    1st review

    Great Helmet that served me well. It was a lifesaver.

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  • M_b87cbbdb78f502c78d5836ccb80402f8_max30
    firefighterjake30, Sun, 25 May 2008 03:49:06 UTC.

    I like this helmet more than the Cairns 990 Intruder I had before it. Great gear.

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  • Porpane_tree_and_me_max30
    bstraty, Thu, 29 May 2008 02:33:15 UTC.

    worn both the 1010 and the morning pride ben 2 the 1010 has a better fit then the mpb-2 it sits higher up and feels like it's going to fall easier and the also seems to be better weight distrubution with the1010

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Account Removed, Sat, 07 Jun 2008 22:07:43 UTC.

    i have an 880 similar helmet wears very well

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Account Removed, Wed, 09 Jul 2008 14:10:34 UTC.

    this helemt absolutly sucked it sit way too high on your head and every time i wear it with a nomex hood or with out one it fells like its going to fall off my head i just got the morning pride ben 2 and i would recomned that one way more then this one any day of the week...

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  • Jeff_max30
    gater111, Thu, 10 Jul 2008 01:14:11 UTC.

    This is one of the best helments ive worn. now ive gone to the 1044 which is the same except its not as flashy! but both have served me very well.

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  • 100_0267_max30
    Capt_Womble, Tue, 05 Aug 2008 19:54:55 UTC.

    i have this helmet but i have bork sheilds. it is a good felling helment

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  • L_81bc00f9ba34857d3f4cbf022294ca82_max30
    Fireducky, Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:59:34 UTC.

    its a live saver

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  • Dscf0055_max30
    hep6973, Tue, 09 Sep 2008 02:00:35 UTC.

    Great helmat it saved my head from falling drywall

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  • 0614082043_max30
    Firefighter5709, Mon, 22 Sep 2008 00:46:51 UTC.

    Love this helmet. Has saved me on more than one occasion. Great brim to put a helmet light.

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  • 35_max30
    hchems9907, Sat, 04 Oct 2008 02:54:29 UTC.

    I love the style and the feel of the Cairns 1010. I now have 2 of them i had a black one and since i got my EMT i bought a Blue one as well. this is the only helmet for me

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  • Img_1450_max30
    backdraft_02, Sun, 05 Oct 2008 00:26:57 UTC.

    When I had my 1010 i loved it after i went full time i sold my 1010 and now have a issued bullard about to get another 1010 since i hate the bullard so much

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  • Fireme_max30
    Medicex27, Fri, 10 Oct 2008 05:17:38 UTC.

    Heavy, but very high quality. I would definitely recomend it.

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  • Pics_072_max30
    yankee1, Sun, 16 Nov 2008 17:25:08 UTC.

    I have acarns 1010w/ faceshield - tinted, I will more than likely change it . the only thing I have a problem is the adjustable metal and it is rusty hard to adjust . plastic clip is worn out . can I get replacements? Mostly for the entire helmant !

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Firediver, Sun, 07 Dec 2008 02:57:04 UTC.

    Great helmet. I did find that the adjustment knob breaks easily.

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  • Standing_by_6224_max30
    robertrkite, Mon, 22 Dec 2008 12:47:33 UTC.


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  • Picture-1790324_max30
    cowboyff30, Fri, 23 Jan 2009 05:48:36 UTC.

    saved my life more then twice

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  • F0410_max30
    smketr, Sat, 28 Mar 2009 05:50:21 UTC.

    this helmet is awesome

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  • Woburn07280714_max30
    mikeysdaman, Sun, 29 Mar 2009 20:58:19 UTC.

    this is a awsome helmet, i really like how it fits and looks

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  • Me_and_mig_2__a_max30
    capt3406, Fri, 22 May 2009 13:18:38 UTC.

    Great helmet! I can't in all honesty rate it high yet because I only wore it 4 times before I went overseas. But when I did it was a nice comfortable helmet.

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  • Dcfc0061_max30
    cjozwik, Tue, 16 Jun 2009 02:28:31 UTC.

    Nice helmet. top heavy. looks nice.

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  • Timmy_max30
    treecet32, Fri, 17 Jul 2009 22:18:19 UTC.

    Great firefighting helmet. light weight

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  • L_a8180bda6f184e198ab563760c634f43_max30
    mstepp2258, Sat, 12 Sep 2009 22:35:34 UTC.

    I bought this helmet and love it.... this helmet is a little more heavyer than my old helmet but it fits SO much better I don't care. To bad I have to replace mine... just got it about a year ago but now I am moving up to a red helmet

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    tony_ooten, Thu, 08 Oct 2009 14:08:42 UTC.

    this is an awesome helmet. not to happy with the visor face shield, but still a great helmet

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  • 123_max30
    sleepwalkingfall, Thu, 12 Nov 2009 21:05:32 UTC.

    Great helmet! Comfortable and light weight.

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  • 1742644637_668f7993d5_max30
    Smokeeater, Sun, 13 Feb 2011 04:26:11 UTC.

    The whole County Department has these as issue and I've never known of any "malfunctions"! This is a very good helment!

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