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Fullface, silicone with double seal, nose cup, speaking resonator, chin cup for easy placement on face, five-strap harness, neck strap allows wearer to leave mask hanging on body. Comes in small and medium/large.

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    Gwyd, Mon, 17 Dec 2007 04:07:30 UTC.
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    NIOSH gave this a protection factor of 100 vs. the usual 50 for a fullface, based on field tests conducted by North showing that the design really was that protective. Since OSHA changed the respiratory protection standard again in 2006, you'd have to call North to find out the latest status.
    The hardcoated polycarbonate lens allows an over 200° field of vision, and extends down around the cartridges so you can see your feet better. Some people don't like nose-cups...I do, because they cut down on fogging, and also on rebreathing exhaled air inside the mask. Some brands have nose cups of frosted clear plastic for better down/ahead vision, but no one system is perfect.
    The exhalation valve cap screws on, which is more trustworthy than a snap-on kind, but doesn't have a retainer, so if you drop it while inspecting the check valve, it just fell down the storm drain. Oh, well. If someone'd pay me to design one, we'd have the perfect mask. The neck strap really is handy, so if you need to doff the mask just for a bit, you don't have to set it down anywhere.
    Silicone is great stuff, easy to clean, conforms to your face with repeated use, and doesn't chafe sensitive skin. However, when it's really cold out, it tends to stiffen up, so temporary gaps in your seal tend to stay in that shape until it warms up. The double seal cuts down on that problem, though. This is a really great mask for any cleanup or inspection activity where you know the air concentrations are below the MUC. North also makes my favorite SCBA, with this mask and a capability to switch from pressure-demand to continuous-flow & back. An all-around winner!!! [Plus, it's fun to put on, affect a deep voice, and say "Luke, I am your father!"]

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