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Silicone facepiece, double seal, and one of the few half-face APRs with a speaking resonator. Low-profile so as not to get too up close & personal with your safety glasses or splash goggles. Converts for use with an airline system. Sizes S, M, & L.

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  • Utchat_4_max30
    Gwyd, Mon, 17 Dec 2007 03:20:32 UTC.
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    Silicone for comfort and cleanability, double-seal for better fit security, doesn't come too high up the nose to make your glasses ride uncomfortably high, which chafes your lower eyelids and lets sweat pool there. The speaking diaphragm is perhaps unique in half-masks, and great for hearing each other on, say, a noisy asbestos job with all the negative-air machines running. The exhalation-valve cap snaps on, which is less secure than one which screws on, and lacks a retainer (see my North fullface review on this and on the limitations of silicone but the pluses of a double-seal). I'm not all that enthused with the idea of running an airline to it...even if approved, I personally believe in fullface with airlines. Plus I can't quite see how you'd hook it up, but it says you don't need tools. But otherwise, for what it is (cheap, comfortable, and attractive), IT ROCKS!

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  • 16_03_max30
    clyoung, Tue, 18 Dec 2007 04:40:49 UTC.

    Have used this product and it works very well to the point you almost forget it is there.

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