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Road Safety™ On-Board Computer Systems are successfully utilized on a wide range of emergency response vehicles and equipment including ambulances, fire trucks, police cars and airport crash rescue equipment. Our systems are utilized by US and Canadian Government agencies, utility companies, automobile manufacturers test cars throughout the United States, school buses and thousands of commercial fleet vehicles world wide.

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  • 200px-mandskull_black_max30
    emtjad, Sun, 11 Nov 2007 18:09:30 UTC.
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    I was reluctant to use this at first; but from the backseat point of view, the ride has much improved. The warning system notifies the driver if they are breaking, turning, or accelerating too much, and allows the driver to slow down. This provides for a safer transport, and safer vehicle operations all together. You can also reduce wear and tear on breaks, and improve gas mileage by using this system. I strongly recommend any agency to use this product for any vehicle. What's more, it acts as a "black box" to exhonorate (or incriminate) the driver in case of a mishap.

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  • 100_1091_max30
    weaver1436, Sat, 01 Mar 2008 07:49:26 UTC.

    nice system

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