Gear: Tactical Laryngoscope Kit


Tactical Laryngoscope Kit

Vital Concepts
Category: Rescue Equipment
Subcategory: Forcible Entry
Price: $137
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The Tactical Airway Kit from Vital Concepts offers a lightweight option to the tactical medic. It offers a very bright xenon light source, which can also be removed from the laryngoscope handle to be used as an exam light. Vital concepts also offers different attachments for the light source such as an otoscope head, light bender, and magnifier. For a Power Point with more info, go to

Member Reviews

  • 200px-mandskull_black_max30
    emtjad, Sun, 07 Oct 2007 16:30:02 UTC.
    1st review

    I gave it 5 stars because the kit is lightweight, cheaper than a metal set, and comes in a compact pouch that will fit in any situation. It would also be ideal for Search and Rescue packs when every pound in a backpack is felt. Bike teams, SWAT, SAR, Ski Patrol...anyone who wishes to lighten their load, would benefit from this product.

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  • Img_0184_max30
    safetymike911, Mon, 08 Oct 2007 15:36:57 UTC.

    Light weight, compact, good price what's not to like?

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  • 03_15_11_hwy_254_037_max30
    tsmith1, Sun, 21 Oct 2007 16:25:32 UTC.

    Looks useful. Like the price.

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  • Me_in_front_of_the_new_truck_max30
    TAZZMEDIC, Mon, 07 Jan 2008 14:23:58 UTC.

    this is and awsome product i have it in my aid-bag for the army it lightwieght and fits easy in my bag

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  • Kmart_aug_2008_018_max30
    Fireemsgrrl, Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:44:03 UTC.

    Great price for all you get, and the quality looks great, too. Anytime we can lighten our load is a good thing!

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  • Texas_fire_museum_056_max30
    rcooney, Wed, 13 Feb 2008 05:14:18 UTC.

    Strange to see this on a Forcilble entry site. Otherwise the kit is great. A must on all busses.

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