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It took HME Ahrens-Fox to engineer and build a truck tough enough to be called the CAT TM, City Attack Truck. From its heavy duty HME chassis to the toughest body in the bussiness, the CATTM was designed for those departments that appreciate its low hose bed, enough space to hold all your EMS and firefighting equipment and features such as HME Ahrens-Fox exclusive Hydra TechnologyTM high efficency water delivery systems. If you need the most affordable, most maneuverable, most efficient and longest lasting pumper on the market today, the CATTM is right up your alley. Careful attention to detail has been addressed by HME Ahrens-Fox engineers on the CATTM body as evidenced by the stainless steel tread plate compartment overlays and the notched corner design that adds strength and allows recessed mounting of telescoping lights. The heart of the CATTM is the exclusive Hydra Technology water delivery system. The independent pump house allows the pump system to flex without distortion or cracking. With pumping capacities up to 2,250-GPM and foam system options, including the new MAD DOGTM CAFs system, the CATTM can be tailored to meet your firepower needs.

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