Gear: CMC Rescue Proseries Harness Combo


CMC Rescue Proseries Harness Combo

Category: Rescue Equipment
Subcategory: Rope Rescue
Price: 289.99
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Combines the ProSeries Rescue Harness and ProSeries Chest Harness to make a Class 3, full-body harness. Chest harness can be removed, allowing the sit harness to be used by itself. A great deal if your primary need is a Class 3 harness, but you also want a sit harness.

Member Reviews

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    Ravenfirefighter, Wed, 23 Jan 2008 03:43:39 UTC.
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    I have used this CMC harness and several other CMC harnesses over the last 12 years and have found them to be of the highest quality and durability. As a Rescuer you want a harness that is easy to donn and extremely rugged with features that keep you save and allow you flexibility in rescue applications. As an Instructor I have had to be in my CMC harness for extended periods of time (6+ hrs) without cramping or binding. A fine product. CMC is Rope Rescue!

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    ArcticFF, Mon, 21 Apr 2008 23:43:41 UTC.

    I have used this harness on several occasions and feel that it is and excellent all around harness with only a few short comings. The first thing that I noticed is that if it is not stored correctly it can be difficult to short out in a hurry especially to someone not familiar with the particular harness. Second the CMC Proseries have a hump in the back of the waist strap which can become uncomfortable in long hang situations. CMC has solved both of these problems with the CMC/Roco Harness. It has no hump and the chest strap can be removed easily if it becomes tangles in storage. It does cost more but I feel it is money well spent.

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    FIRE25MAN, Fri, 25 Jul 2008 23:06:33 UTC.

    works great we like them

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