Gear: Infinity Gear Firefighter Basic Gear Bag, Red


Infinity Gear Firefighter Basic Gear Bag, Red

Infinity Gear
Category: Turnout & Duty Gear
Subcategory: Storage
Price: 27.99
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Sturdy. Simple. Surprisingly versatile. This basic zippered gear bag has lots of space for the gear you need to store or move. It’s easy to load or unload at a moment’s notice, and with a minimum of hassle. When opened to its full dimensions, it forms a single large rectangular compartment, 15” W x 24” L x 16” D. But the Basic Gear Bag’s pleated design allows it to be opened like an envelope, to hold narrower items as much as 6” taller, and still be zippered shut. Complete with polymer coated bottom for extra durability and water resistance, plus a separate interior 8” x 6” zippered pocket for those small things you always need to get to fast.

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