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    How To Save A Life

    How To Save A Life
    I think most firefighters would agree that a good call has some element of "fun" in it. I'm not talking about the kind of fun that you have with a board game or a funny movie, it's way more serious than that, but knocking down a good fire (one where no-one is in danger) produces an enjoyment unlike any other. Unfortunately, ...
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    Firefighter's Words

    "I can only hope that someone will remember me in the same way...." It's amazing that after 20 plus years in the fire service I can still think and function on a daily basis. My mind has chosen to fill itself with the most horrific things that I have seen over the years, yet I can’t remember what I got for ...
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    Step 9: Ask Questions

    Step 9: Ask Questions
    It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie on probationary status, or you are a tenured member of the team, always ask questions! Common knowledge states that there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you don’t know something, ask a person who does. By asking questions you may not only help yourself, but other members and officers as ...
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    Firefighter Gear: Then and Now

    Stock Photo It is well known that firefighters expose themselves to many hazards, including toxic fumes, unstable structures and, of course, fired and extreme heat. They do this not for the glory, but for their desire to protect property and the people in their communities from fire. To minimize risks to health and safety, firefighters carry protective gear and wear specialized, ...
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    How to Ace Your Job Application

    The internet is an information-junkies “dream come true.” A novice “surfer” can find almost anything; and expert can do truly amazing things. I mention this, because not only is there a plethora of available information on “How to Become a Firefighter,” there is also some information that is conspicuous by its absence. The purpose of this article is to discuss the ...
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