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20 Best Outdoor Vacations for Firefighters

Tania Khadder

June 11, 2010

16. Windsurfing on the Hood River

If you love wind, water and spectacular scenery, try windsurfing Oregon’s Hood River. Thanks to winds from the Columbia River Gorge and currents from the Columbia River, Hood offers the perfect conditions for boardheads. In fact, it has come to be known as the windsurfing capital of the country.

Surf with a breathtaking view of Mount Hood as your backdrop. And while you’re there, take a tour of the orchards. This spot is known for producing some of the best apples, pears and cherries in the world, not to mention the local microbrews. Tip: Check for area restrictions before you go — windsurfing may not be safe or allowed in certain parts of the river.

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