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The Best 25 Vacation Cities for Firefighters

Jill Hare, Kevin Powers | Monster Worldwide

May 13, 2011

#2: Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas, NV

Although best known for housing over 90 casinos, the sheer number of hotels and stages mean there is always an attraction to see no matter what day of the week it is. The competitiveness of the casinos means room rates can be reasonable, and a little research before the trip will reveal there are often more things to see than time to see them.

While gambling in the casinos or sports books is the obvious attraction, that is far from all Las Vegas has to offer. There are over 14 major malls within the metropolitan area, many of which are adjacent to the hotels on “The Strip”.

The city also puts together its now customary art exhibit on the first Friday of every month. Local artists and musicians gather each month for the event to display or perform their art, and a $2 fee gives you access to both the official venues and outdoor block party.

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