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The Best 25 Vacation Cities for Firefighters

Jill Hare, Kevin Powers | Monster Worldwide

May 13, 2011

#3: New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans, LA

There aren’t very many cities that offer as diverse an experience as New Orleans. The famed French Quarter and Bourbon Street are on everyone’s list of things to see, and besides the great restaurants and nightlife, the city is also home to Tulane and Loyola University.

A walk down Magazine Street is a required trip for anyone who enjoys perusing unique boutique stores and antique shops, and both the New Orleans Mint and The Historic New Orleans Collection can give the history buff his fix.

And of course there is the Jazz. As the birthplace of the genre, it still boasts scores of talented local acts and clubs; Preservation Hall and Fritzel’s are a good place to start for those looking to enjoy the music.

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