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The Best 25 Vacation Cities for Firefighters

Jill Hare, Kevin Powers | Monster Worldwide

May 13, 2011

#15: Honolulu, Hawaii



As far as beach vacations go, it doesn’t get any better than a trip to Hawaii. Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu, is the economic and tourist center of the 50th State. Make sure to stop by Pearl Harbor for a walk through the historical site, and from there take the family to the Hanauma Bay Marine Preserve. The calm water of the Preserve houses thousands of tropical fish and is perfect for novice snorkelers who want to explore the waist deep water.

And of course there are the beaches! Lanikai Beach is considered by many of the locals to be the best swimming beach, and Hanauma Bay offers more great snorkeling and clear waters.

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