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Top 25 Cities for Firefighters

Top 25 Cities for Firefighters

Tania Khadder, Anna Hennings, Adam Starr, Alice Handley | FireLink

May 13, 2011

#5. Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Area, NC

Population: 497,602

Average Salary: $40,840

Firefighter Salary: $33,000

Cost of Living Rank (in a 1-100 list): 46

Average Commute Time: 20.9 minutes 

Job Growth Rank (in a list of 372 Highest Growth Cities): 38

Unemployment Rate: 8.8   One of the nation’s top areas for overall growth, Raleigh-Cary shines with expected job growth in technology, tourism and academia. Home to one of the largest high-technology R&D centers in the world, our #5 pick is becoming a preferred location for cutting-edge technology and manufacturing firms. Its relatively low income to cost of living ratio and potential for growth definitely place it in the top tier. Spend 26-weeks at the new recruit academy and get your Raleigh Firefighter career underway.

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