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Top 25 Cities for Firefighters

Top 25 Cities for Firefighters

Tania Khadder, Anna Hennings, Adam Starr, Alice Handley | FireLink

May 13, 2011

#18. Columbus, OH

Population: 747,755

Average Salary: $40,770

Firefighter Salary: $40,500

Cost of Living Rank (in a 1-100 list): 17

Average Commute Time: 20 minutes 

Job Growth Rank (in a list of 372 Highest Growth Cities): 178

Unemployment Rate: 7.9   The City of Columbus is geographically divided into seven Battalions, which includes 32 Stations, 34 Engine Companies, 16 ladders, 32 EMS (Advanced Life Support Transport Units) 5 Heavy Rescues, and 8 Rescue Boats. Named after Christopher Columbus, the largest city in Ohio is also one of the largest cities on our list. The city boasts a robust economy, ranking in the top 10 in the nation. Government jobs provide the largest source of employment here, followed by its large higher education institutions. Columbus offers a relatively low cost of living and also boasts the lowest unemployment rate of all the 25 best value cities on this list.   Bonus fun fact: 50% of the United States population lives within a 500-mile radius of Columbus.

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