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Off-Duty FFs Investigated In Bar Fight

Associated Press

July 11, 2011

MILWAUKEE— The Milwaukee Fire Department says it’s conducting an internal investigation into a bar fight allegedly involving two off-duty firefighters.

The victim, 56-year-old Jonathan Loiacano, told WISN-TV ( he thinks the firefighters should be fired.

Loiacano says he suffered a shattered cheek, broken teeth and other facial injuries at the Fit `N Feather Bar in Greenfield on June 23. He says he was hit with a glass door he says was opened aggressively by one firefighter.

According to the police report, that firefighter told police Loiacano blocked the door and then grabbed him. The other firefighter told police he intervened to help.

Loiacano denies blocking the door or instigating any conflict, and witnesses told police the firemen were the instigators.

The firefighters have not been charged and remain on duty.

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