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FF Fights Fire, Learns Brother Killed In Same Flames

Associated Press

July 08, 2011

SELDEN, N.Y. — A Long Island firefighter says he had a bad feeling as he rushed to a house fire. It claimed the life of a visitor — his brother.

Selden volunteer Richie Zdenek tells Newsday that he knew when he saw the fire address Sunday that his brother was often at that house.

Before he left home, he checked his brother’s room, saying, “Please be in here.” He wasn’t.

Zdenek went and fought the fire. Then he saw an EMT treating an unconscious man. A friend gave him the terrible news.

Henry Zdenek III was pronounced dead at Stony Brook University Medical Center.

Richie Zdenek says he’s now “a wreck.” But he’s determined to go on fighting fires.