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CT Dept Gets 30 New Recruits; $460K in Gear

The Hartford Courant via YellowBrix

June 28, 2011

HARTFORD, CT – The Hartford Fire Department’s latest class of 30 recruits began training Monday, along with $460,000 of new protective firefighting gear for the city’s fire force, officials say.

The new “bunker gear” consists of a coat made of fire-resistant fabric, pants and suspenders, waterproof boots, a strong helmet with eye protection, gloves, an integrated harness and self contained breathing apparatus.

When fully dressed, a firefighter adorn about 70 pounds (32 kilograms) of gear, not including any extra tools.

The city says funding is from the Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $459,999. Each bunker-gear set cost approximately $2,500.

Mayor Pedro E. Segarra and Fire Chief Edward Casares Jr. say the new recruits will help maintain safe staffing levels. They will undergo about 14 weeks of training to be certified as firefighters.