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FDNY and Marvel Announce Fire Comic Book

FDNY and Marvel Announce Fire Comic Book

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Kayla Baxter | FireLink

April 07, 2011

“Captain America and Spider-Man are all about protecting us from the bad guys. So it makes perfect sense for these superheroes to team up with our fire heroes to save lives through fire safety,” said FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano at the press conference held Tuesday at Midtown Comics in Manhattan, announcing the arrival of a comic book created by Marvel and the FDNY to spread fire safety knowledge to the city’s youth.

The comic book centers around a class on fire safety, taught by none other than the FDNY and the Avengers together, to a group of visiting students – when all of a sudden, the Avengers mansion comes under attack. Obviously, the visiting villains chose the worst day possible to pick a fight, facing up against Spiderman, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Captain America and a host of other classic Marvel characters.

The comic is full of teachable moments that allow the FDNY to showcase their fire safety techniques to the visiting children – and is also, of course, chockfull of the cool action scenes Marvel is known for – not to mention a surprise cliffhanger ending.

Check it out here: