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Soldier Investigated For Shooting FF With Pellet Gun

Soldier Investigated For Shooting FF With Pellet Gun

Associated Press

April 05, 2011

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — Fort Wainwright soldier is being investigated for shooting at a firefighter with a pellet gun.

Four soldiers reportedly pulled up in a vehicle alongside the firefighter, who was running near a road on the post last week, and fired the gun. A manager with the Bureau of Land Management’s Alaska Fire Service said the firefighter was hit by the pellets but not seriously injured.

The firefighter was hit twice, in the back and elbow, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported Tuesday.

“The pellets did not break his skin but they produced welts,” said John Gould, manager of the Bureau of Land Management’s Alaska Fire Service.

The firefighter is a specialist with the Alaska Fire Service at Fort Wainwright. Most of the 20-member team recently began training for the coming season.

The pellet gun is a nonmilitary weapon that shoots small-diameter plastic pellets and is sold locally.

Gould said the firefighter noted the license plate of the vehicle and military police were contacted.

The soldiers were apprehended by gate guards who were looking for the car, said Maj. Bill Coprenol, spokesman for U.S. Army Alaska.

The suspects were questioned by Fort Wainwright authorities and released. Coprenol said the issue was handed over to the soldiers’ chain of command.

Gould said he was satisfied that the Army would deal with the soldiers appropriately.