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NFL Bengals Player's Home Total Loss After Fire

NFL Bengals Player's Home Total Loss After Fire

Associated Press

March 15, 2011

MASON — Investigators at the home of Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom said a fire that started just before 3 a.m. Tuesday morning destroyed the house.

Continuing past dawn, plumes of white smoke billowed westward from the home, which is a “total loss,” said Mason Deputy Fire Chief Craig Bryant.

No one was inside at the time of the fire. The roof and living room floors collapsed.

Around 9 a.m., crews were attempting to remove water from the home’s basement to make it safer for firefighters, who continued putting out fires in isolated spots throughout the home.

The property at 4562 Raynor Court remained unstable for investigators to go in and search for a cause Tuesday morning.

Bryant said it was “still a very dangerous with areas that aren’t supported that could easily collapse.”

Parts of the floor were completely burned.

“It was a very serious fire,” Bryant said. “The fire was very well-developed before crews had gotten there, and there was no delay in our response.”

Flames raged through the roof of the nearly $1.2 million home when crews arrived, Bryant said. Investigators do not know what caused the fire or where it started at this time.

Fire crews were initially called to the scene at approximately 2:40 a.m. Tuesday, Bryant said.

Odom and his family were not inside the home, Bryant said. Neighbors said Odom is out of town, and one who wished to remain unnamed said the flames were about 50-feet high when fire crews arrived. No other homes were affected by the fire, and no one nearby was evacuated.

The two-story home is in the Heritage Club neighborhood off Mason Road.

According to the Warren County Auditor’s Office, the 5,970-square-foot home was built in 2000.