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CFD Sends 700 Holiday Packages to Soldiers Overseas

CFD Sends 700 Holiday Packages to Soldiers Overseas

Chicago Tribune via Yellowbrix

December 02, 2010

CHICAGO (WLS) – The Chicago Fire Department loaded up 700 packages to be sent to U.S. troops overseas for the holidays Monday.

Firefighters and paramedics dug into their own pockets and raised money to buy products for U.S. troops. Firefighter LeeAnn McKay who organizes the holiday packages says the troops are very grateful.

“The military just loves it. They’re just so happy that people remember them. They don’t care what’s in the package the thought that somebody went out of their way and did something just makes their day,” McKay said.

Each package contains candy, toothpaste, shampoo, snacks and a Chicago Firefighter t-shirt. Also inside each package are about three holiday letters from school children complete with pictures thanking U.S. soldiers for their sacrifice.

McKay says while some firefighters and paramedics have to work on Christmas, they’re still just around the corner from home. But for troops overseas, home is around the world which makes the packages all the more important.

This is the sixth year the Chicago Fire Department has donated their time and money to send holiday packages to U.S. troops overseas.

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