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Good Morning America to Profile Firefighters, Other Public Servants

Good Morning America to Profile Firefighters, Other Public Servants

Juju Chang and George Stephanopoulos will report back from spending a day with a civil servant, a firefighter and a steelworker for 'Good Morning America' this week.

New York Daily News via YellowBrix

November 08, 2010

NEW YORK – ABC’s “Good Morning America” this week will focus on members of the staff working elsewhere.

No, not those who went to another network. Rather, for a series on jobs, the “GMA” hosts and reporters will walk in the shoes of average Americans.

More than a thousand viewers applied to show the “GMA” team what their jobs are like.

Each day this week, the program will include a segment in which a staff member leaves the confines of the studio to do something else.

Monday, for instance, Juju Chang reports on two sisters in Milwaukee, one a civil servant, the other a firefighter. Tuesday, George Stephanopoulos toils with a steelworker in Ohio. Wednesday has Robin Roberts at a fish wholesaler in Charleston. Thursday, Sam Champion works at a barbecue spot in Houston. Friday, Dan Harris is with a winemaker in California. And Saturday, Ron Claiborne works with a veterinarian in Virginia.

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