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TX Firefighter Fired Over Nude Online Photos

TX Firefighter Fired Over Nude Online Photos

Associated Press

October 28, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — An Austin firefighter who allegedly posted nude photos of himself online has been fired for conduct unbecoming a member of the department.

Fire Chief Mae Kerr on Wednesday put Alejandro Garza on indefinite suspension without pay. A disciplinary memo from Kerr says Garza included information online that identified him as an Austin firefighter.

A citizen’s complaint in July led to the investigation. Garza told authorities he last posted photos in 2006 and had taken them off the Internet.

An additional complaint was received by the fire department with links to photos allegedly posted by Garza in August.

Battalion Chief Bob Nicks, who leads the firefighters’ union, says Garza’s firing will be appealed.