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Naked Firefighter Might Lose His Job Over Photo

Naked Firefighter Might Lose His Job Over Photo

The Washington D.C. fire and emergency services department has launched a probe after an apparent photo of a naked firefighter cooking at a firehouse party surfaced.

New York Daily News via YellowBrix

September 22, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC – They say women love firefighters. And men who can cook. One D.C. firefighter seems to have tried to combine the two — naked!

The Washington D.C. fire and emergency services department has launched a probe after a photo surfaced of a naked firefighter apparently cooking for a party in a firehouse, NBC reported.

The photo was turned into officials in August by a source who said complaints were made by horrified female firefighters and paramedics attending a retirement celebration in July.

The source claimed the in-the-buff firefighter, who is seen cooking at the stove, was joined by as many as three other firefighters who helped prepare and serve the food naked.

The investigation includes allegations that high-ranking officials were at the event, the Washington Post reported.

The source said no disciplinary action has been taken yet. D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Pete Piringer said there is an ongoing and open investigation.

“These allegations that you’ve shared with me are behavior that are unacceptable, and I know that the leadership will not condone that type of activity, and of course, appropriate disciplinary action would be expected in the event that inappropriate behavior does take place,” Piringer said.

Donnalle Hackley, who runs a, a watchdog group that supports public safety workers, told NBC that the photo was “appalling.”

“When I saw this and I saw this individual that was standing at a stove butt naked in a firehouse it was kind of a shocker to me,” he said."

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