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Firefighters Dismantle Police Car to Rescue Trapped Kitten

Firefighters Dismantle Police Car to Rescue Trapped Kitten

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Associated Press

July 28, 2010

VIENNA — This little kitty went home — but only after Vienna police and firefighters partially dismantled a police car to find it. The naughty feline first woke residents of a Vienna neighborhood with its desperate meowing, then kept police and firefighters busy for much of the night.

She was found under the hood of a car but eluded her rescuers’ grasp. The kitten took cover under several other cars before seemingly disappearing — except for her meow.

Firefighters and police finally struck paydirt after jacking up a police cruiser, then following the sound and tracing the wayward kitty to a small space inside the vehicle’s floor panel. But it took half an hour of elbow grease before the critter was nabbed and taken to an animal shelter.

But not before having the last meow.

“It bit my finger!” said firefighter Franz Zehetmeier, who finally collared the cat.

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