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Mail Carrier Saves Life On Route for Second Time

Associated Press

July 15, 2010

AKRON — Keith McVey has been delivering mail on the same route for 29 years. But he’s proved twice now that he’s much more than a postal worker.

On Saturday, McVey was delivering letters along Carnegie Avenue, when he heard a call for help across the street.

A man was trying to wake up his friend who was lying unconscious in the parking lot of a laundromat.

“He didn’t look good,” McVey said. “His lips were starting to turn blue. I knew he wasn’t getting air.”

As a former EMT worker, McVey jumped into action, performing CPR until he felt a pulse.

“He started breathing on his own and, shortly thereafter, the ambulance showed up,” he said.

But here’s the ironic part.

Two years ago this week on the same street, McVey found himself in a similar situation.

A little girl was out in the lake, struggling to stay above water. McVey heard her faint cries and jumped in to save her.

A few months later, McVey was honored by the American Red Cross. But McVey says he’s not a hero.

However, he does admit it’s ironic that he just happens to be there when he’s needed.

“It gets a little eerie,” he said. “Two years almost to the day? I don’t know if there’s a higher force putting me at the right place at the right time, but it just seems to be working that way.”