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Former Ambulance Service President Charged with Theft

West Cape News via YellowBrix

July 02, 2010

NORTHCUMBERLAND COUNTY, VA – The former president of an ambulance service in Northumberland County was charged earlier this month with stealing from the organization. Now some in his community say this is becoming far too common.

Investigators said Regan Yoder used his position and the borough credit card to buy personal items and now he faces theft charges.

Yoder, 32, is the former president of the Milton Ambulance Service. Police said he stole nearly $11,000.

Some people who live in the area say they’re shocked.

“How can people do people like that? I’ve worked hard over the years and its not fair that he did that,” said Debra Loreman.

Court papers show Yoder of Watsontown charged more than $11,000 on a credit card belonging to Milton Ambulance Service. Police said he used the money on t-shirts for his graphics business, heating oil, groceries and a pellet stove.

“It’s wrong that money that we work for and it goes to something. You thought it would be a good cause and then just take. It’s bad,” said Kristi Badaczewski of Milton.

“It’s definitely going to effect the area definitely and it should have never happened and if he’s found guilty whatever he gets he gets,” said Jay Boyer.

Investigators said it happened between November, 2009 until January of this year.

Court papers show, Yoder admitted to the crime and even gave police printouts of the credit card charges. Yoder said he stole because he lost his job.

People who live in town say this is far too common.

“I’m not surprised. Northumberland County in particular has had all kinds of problems in recent years in regards to people stealing and government officials. It’s sad but I’m not surprised,” said Doug Diven.

Investigators said Yoder is expected to be in court to face those charges in a few weeks.