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Guns and Hoses: Police, Fire Compete for a Good Cause

Guns and Hoses: Police, Fire Compete for a Good Cause

Lexington Herald-Leader - Fire department teammates congratulated Alex Hardy (14) and Todd Easton (7) on their way to home plate after Easton's three-run homer in the Guns and Hoses charity softball game at Applebee's Park on Sunday. [Courtesy: Lexington

The Courier Journal via YellowBrix

June 28, 2010

LEXINGTON, KY – Lexington police officer Jackie Newman is supposed to keep the peace.

But she couldn’t help but stir up a little trouble when it came to picking out a T-shirt to wear to Sunday’s sixth annual charity softball game between Lexington police and fire departments.

“God made police so firemen would have heroes,” read the officer’s specially made T-shirt.

That got a laugh from her husband, Nicholas Newman, a Lexington firefighter who emceed the so-called “Guns and Hoses” game with her at Applebee’s Park.

He said he would have preferred that she had worn a T-shirt that read “Firefighter’s wife,” but he lost out.

So did the fire department’s softball team, 24-11, to the red-hot police team in front of several hundred spectators.

This marked the fifth time in six games that the police have left as winners. The firefighters won last year.

It’s definitely competitive but good-natured, especially because it’s for a good cause, said fire Battalion Chief Marshall Griggs.

Proceeds from the sale of tickets to the Lexington Legends game earlier in the day and commemorative T-shirts went to a memorial fund for Brandy and Brayden Durman, the wife and 5-year-old son of Officer Bryan Durman. He was killed in a hit-and-run incident while on duty April 29.

The 27-year-old was the first Lexington police officer to die in the line of duty in more than 20 years.

His son threw out the first pitch Sunday before the Lexington Legends game against the Rome Braves.

It’s too early to say how much money was raised for the family, Griggs said Sunday night.

Lexington police officer Todd Johnson said the charity game was “a great way to pay tribute to a great guy.” Sponsors were the Legends and Galls Inc.

The game was spirited, but so was the verbal give-and-take by the Newmans in the emcee booth.

“Lucky shot” declared a biased Jackie Newman when a firefighter tagged out a police officer at home plate.

“Anthony Johnson,” Nicholas Newman said in announcing a firefighter batter, adding the unusual introduction, “The prettiest man ever to take your blood pressure.”

“Ladies, that mustache is for real,” he said of firefighter Todd Easton before Easton hit a three-run homer in the first inning.

But here was the joke of the day among firefighters:

“What do police and firefighters have in common?”

“When they all were little, they wanted to grow up to be firefighters.”