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Sisters Find $18K in Duffel; Return It To Owner

Associated Press

June 04, 2010

SPANISH FORK, Utah (AP) – Two sisters found nearly $18,000 in an abandoned duffel bag outside a Spanish Fork store and notified police.

Twenty-one-year-old Michelle Pientka and her 16-year-old sister Jessica say they found the bag at a Macey’s parking lot Tuesday night. They took it home but didn’t look inside until the next morning, when they were startled by the sight.

Spanish Fork police Lt. Steve Adams says car salesman Ben Hunstman called them Tuesday night when he realized he had lost the bag containing cash from recent sales and couldn’t find it by retracing his steps.

The Pientka sisters’ honesty made Hunstman a very happy man. The Salt Lake Tribune says he showed it by dropping by the Pientka home late Wednesday and giving the sisters each a $250 reward.