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LA Considers 37% Ambulance Fee Raise

Associated Press

June 04, 2010

LOS ANGELES—An ambulance ride in Los Angeles could go up 37 percent in July if the city approves a committee recommendation.

The city’s Public Safety Committee on Monday night proposed raising fees for basic life support ambulances to $974 from $712, plus mileage of $15.75 a mile. Advanced life support ambulance fees would go to $1,373 from $1,004, plus mileage.

The city has a projected $492 million budget deficit for the next fiscal year and is looking to trim costs and raise fees at nearly every level. The council is expected to consider the fee change in the next week.

Other recommendations include layoffs, raising the cost of dog and cat licenses, increasing parking fines, boosting late fees for unpaid parking tickets and city bus fare increases.

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