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Five Firefighters Deliver Memorial Day Miracle

Associated Press

June 01, 2010

LANSING, MI – Five firefighters deliver a Memorial Day miracle. Around 11:30 Monday morning the Lansing Fire Department was called to the 4200 block of Glenburne for a woman in labor. But, they never made it to the hospital.

On a day dedicated to those who lost their lives, five firefighters helped bring a new life into the world.

“We received a 911 call for a woman in labor.” Lt. Doug Burke said.

“Went in the house, mom was on the steps saying water broke, she thinks she’s going to deliver quick.” Engineer/Paramedic Jeff Hundt added.

“Said she was feeling the urge to push that the baby was coming.” Firefighter Kevin Walkington continued.

“So what they decided was they going to deliver it in the living room.” the woman’s dad, William Watkins, said.

So he put an air mattress on the floor, and as soon as Medic 45 got there for backup, the men went to work.

“It was kind of a group effort, everybody has a role.” Firefighter Chris Wheeler explained.

“It went flawless. The baby was born with no problems.” Burke said.

Just four minutes after the delivery started.

“The baby cried right off the bat and I knew it was a healthy girl.” Hundt said.

By the name of Shya Marie Watkins, 5 pounds, 13 ounces.

“Yeah she was beautiful.” William Watkins exclaimed.

Which is why the men said, for them, May 31, 2010 will always be a memorial day to remember.

“Pretty cool thing to be a part of.” Firefighter Jim Peters said.

“Usually when you call for the fire department,it’s not a happy moment and then when you have something like this, everybody is happy.” Walkington added.

Happy and ready to celebrate the birth of a bundle of joy. The mother and newborn are at Sparrow Hospital, and both are doing fine.