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Paramedic Brutally Attacked by Drunk Student

Paramedic Brutally Attacked by Drunk Student

Melissa Massey (Left) pulled clumps of her victim's hair out

BBC News via YellowBrix

May 20, 2010

MANCHESTER CITY, UK – “Getting verbally abused is the norm but this was no way near normal – in my 26 years as a paramedic I have never been subjected to an attack like this.”

Ann Sumner had much of her hair pulled out of her head, she was punched and scratched and left with a form of whiplash in her shoulder.

All because she had stopped her rapid response vehicle to attend to a drunken girl in a Manchester city centre street.

The student, 20-year-old Melissa Massey, was jailed for eight weeks on Monday after she pleaded guilty to assaulting the paramedic in the early hours of New Years Day.

Ms Sumner, who lives in Chorley, Lancashire with her partner, had received a call that a young woman was slumped on the ground in Princess Street.

“I immediately got a blanket out to cover her up, she was clearly cold and I wanted to protect her decency.

“As I checked her sugar levels, she began to kick out, I asked her to keep her boots down because she had big heels on and they could have hurt someone.

“The next thing I knew she had hold of my hair and was yanking me back and forwards.

“She was pulling my hair out, hitting and scratching me. There was a crowd of people around us and then a man started to attack me from the other side.

“It was absolutely terrifying.”

Shortly after the man punched her, the ambulance arrived to pick the girl up.

“This man who had originally called for the emergency services was the man who attacked me.

“He then turned, looked at me wished me a Happy New Year and uttered the word respect.

“I was in too much pain and shock to react.”

She said despite the police hunting for this man, he has never been brought to justice.

It took Ms Sumner a month to recover and get back to work but she said the trauma is still with her.

“It’s something I will never forget. I just wish she had not attacked me – not only has it had such an impact on my life, it has also affected hers.”

Head of service for the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), Ged Blezard, said: "We will not accept any level of abuse towards our staff.

“The trust welcomes the sentence and hopes it sends out a very clear message to anyone who behaves in this manner, that they face prosecution and a possible custodial sentence such as this.”