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FFs Rescue Man's Best Friend From 6th Floor Ledge

Denver Post via YellowBrix

May 04, 2010

DENVER – Denver firefighters helped a dog from a sixth-floor ledge of the Denver Dry Lofts building this morning.

Phil Champagne, spokesman for the Denver Fire Department, said the person who owned the dog tried several times to get the dog off the ledge without success.

However firefighters, who worked their way along the ledge, were able to grab the dog about 10:20 a.m., about 10 minutes after they arrived on the scene. The lofts are at 1555 California St. in the old Denver Dry Goods Building.

Champagne said the call originally came in as people and a dog on the ledge. He said Denver police officers closed the street and sidewalk and ordered the person off the ledge.

However, the dog stayed on the ledge and appeared to have no intention of getting off.

When the fire department raised a bucket to get the dog, it became frightened and retreated close to the loft window, where a firefighter was able to grab it, said Champagne.

Champagne said the dog was a “mutt” that apparently decided to take a stroll on the ledge after the window was left open.