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Flood Effects Felt Across the Region

Flood Effects Felt Across the Region

Fire hydrant on a flooded Harriet Thayer Drive in Attleboro.

The Sun Chronicle via YellowBrix

March 31, 2010

“As long as the animals are safe, everything else can be replaced,” she said.

The telephone at Attleboro’s Park Street Pizza was ringing off the hook Monday and Tuesday.

The Great Deluge of 2010 apparently kept many people home, opening the floodgates for those in the food delivery business.

Park Street Pizza, for example, saw delivery orders triple for a typical Monday, said Chris Pennisi, one of the owners.

Tuesday was better than normal, too, he said.

Pennisi said his delivery business goes up “any time it starts to rain really hard.”

The Downtown Cafe in Norton reported much the same.

“We saw a little more takeout than normal, and our in-house business has been a little bit slower,” head cook Bob Morrison said. “A storm like this, people need to stay home and pump out their basement. I think going out to eat is the furthest thing from their mind.”

The good news Tuesday was that there were plenty of sandbags at Attleboro’s public works yard to help residents keep water away from their homes.

The bad news was that the yard on Wall Street, which borders the Ten Mile River, was flooded with a foot of water – and nobody could get to the sandbags.

“It’s kind of frustrating when you’re trying to help people,” Public Works Superintendent John Clover said.

City Building Inspector Doug Semple was trying to help out with a little humor Tuesday as rains inundated the city.

A prominent sign outside his office announced that “Ark Permits” were available at the front desk.

There was no fee, but there was a requirement that native lumber be used.

If you’re thinking about using city recreation fields this weekend -don’t.

Recreation Director Dennis Walsh said the spring opening has been delayed until Monday for obvious reasons.

Most of the fields were more suitable for boating than ball playing.

If fields still have standing water on Monday, they’ll be off limits under the recreation departments inclement weather clause, which prohibits the use of soggy fields.

The rules are explained on the recreation department’s Web site.

Over at Attleboro’s Larson Senior Center, outreach worker Kathy Levin arranged Tuesday for an electrician to help one Brown Street senior citizen who reported having 3 to 4 inches of water in her basement.

“She’s lived there 25 years, and she’s never had water,” Levin said.

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