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Firefighter, Policeman Home from Deployment

Firefighter, Policeman Home from Deployment

Patrolman Anthony Dicarol, left, meets up with Firefighter/Paramedic Timothy Vamosi in Germany after their deployment on their way home to the United States. [Used with permission from The Easton Journal]

Printed with permission by Paula Vogler, The Easton Journal

March 26, 2010

Vamosi said the support he received from the community was outstanding including the response to his plea for respirators in a story run in the Easton Journal.

“Hundreds of masks came in from Easton and all parts of New England,” Vamosi said.

Dicarlo said he has heard many horror stories from servicemen and women who have returned home from a deployment and were out of the job they left behind because the towns did not support them the way the town of Easton does.

In addition to holding a job for a town employee who is deployed, the town also matches the difference in pay between what the employee earns while deployed and his or her normal salary so they do not have to worry about their family making ends meet back home.


With Police Chief Allen Krajcik looking on returning servicemen were recognized at a February board of selectmen’s meeting. From left are Patrolman Anthony Dicarlo, Firefighter/Paramedic Timothy Vamosi and Patrolman Andrew Salisbury. [Printed with permi

Vamosi said his fellow firefighters also made his deployment easier.

“On top of the care packages and letters from friends and the community, the men of Local 2790 (Easton Fire Dept) routinely checked in on my family,” Vamosi said. “They mowed the grass in the summer and shoveled the snow in the winter. The care and support of the local community and fellow firefighters was an invaluable part to the deployment overseas and on the home front.”

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